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Tips to run a better rooming house

RAAV has gathered many case studies which demonstrate the values of implementing best practice in rooming houses. The following fourteen case studies are examples and this section will be updated regularly.

Snapshots of best practice case studies obtained from members and stakeholders are contained in the following PDF. We have included 14 additional case studies and helpful hints on the website: Click here to download the PDF...

These case studies illustrate how operators have improved their operations, cater for the well being of residents as well as improving the bottom line of their rooming houses.

RAAV's Website will contain additional details of these snapshots and include more case studies and some practical operating tips in the future.



Rooming house operators can exhibit a duty of care to their residents to assist them to relocate into alternative accommodation or private rental when they depart their premises.

One Rooming House operator gives residents an "accommodation referral" report when they check into the property. They are informed that this will be completed on their departure and that a good report may assist them to obtain new accommodation. The residents find this assistance to be beneficial.

The operator says that the voluntary Report assists his residents to understand their obligations and meet the operator’s minimum requirements. It also encourages them to better their own lives. This special document is given to the tenants on the day they sign a lease. The operator explains that the "Accommodation Referral" contains a list of expectations from his residents and it also summarises some of the most fundamental legal obligations.

Once agreed, completed and signed, it then forms their written reference to be used as a stepping stone into private rental at the end of the lease agreement. It was developed to be informative to the residents, to encourage them to do the right thing and to make the point that the residents are in control of their own lives.

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