Promoting best practice in the private
rooming house sector

raav's role in the accommodation sector

The Registered Accommodation Association of Victoria Ltd (RAAV) is a forum for privately owned and operated rooming houses in the registered accommodation sector. RAAV's members assist in meeting the needs of low income tenants and residents who require medium and long term accommodation.

RAAV brings together owners and operators of registered accommodation to represent the views of the industry and create a stronger, more cohesive and respected industry.

raav's core activities

  • Make RAAV members and the rooming house sector aware of the legislative requirements as promulgated by the Victorian Government in operating registered accommodation;
  • Promote Best Practice that raises the standards and image of privately owned and operated registered accommodation;
  • Provide a regular forum for members to network with rooming house stakeholders and rooming house operators;
  • Distribute information from Government and Local Government in operating rooming houses.
  • Liaise with government and prepare submissions to proposed legislation.


All care has been taken in presenting material included on this website. However, RAAV will not accept any responsibility for any action you may take as a result of the information provided. This website contains general information and is not a substitute for professional legal or business advice relating to your particular circumstances. RAAV recommends you consult a solicitor, accountant and/or business adviser before acting on the information contained in this website.

Please refer to RAAV's privacy Policy which is found in Section 4 “RAAV Contact and Membership”

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Best Practice Handbook

RAAV has produced a third edition of the rooming house best practice handbook. This is available on the link below or by requesting a copy from RAAV. Key rooming house operators and stakeholders have contributed to this new edition which includes special material on student accommodation, fire safety, dealing with mental illness, crime in rooming houses as well as additional information on the existing material.

Legal Obligations Brochure

RAAV's new brochure summarises the legal obligations of a rooming house operator and will assist operators to manage their rooming houses more effectively. English, Chinese, Arabic and Vietnamese versions are available on the following link below. Operators must give this "Guide" to every new resident. This booklet contains information of what operators and residents must do.

Guide for residents and operators from Consumer Affairs Victoria

RAAV's new brochure summarises the legal obligations of a rooming house operator and will assist operators to manage their rooming houses more effectively. English, Chinese, Arabic and Vietnamese versions are available on the following link below.

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